4. How do you pronounce the faerie names Cyrraena and Dacia?
Cyrraena = “Sir-ay-na”; Dacia = “Day-sha”

5. Is there ever going to be a Divided Realms movie?
I get asked this question *all* the time, and the answer is ... I don’t know. For a movie
to be made from a novel, a movie company has to buy the movie rights from the
publisher and/or author. Once rights are bought, usually for a set amount of time,
then the movie company has that set amount of time to make the novel into a movie.
So far, no movie company has ever offered to buy movie rights for my books, but if
they ever do I will be sure to let everyone know.

6. Can you read my story?
I would love to be able to say yes to this question, but unfortunately I have to say no,
as I just don’t have the time to be able to read other people’s works and comment on
them. There is one exception to this rule, though. Every year in August for one whole
week, I am the Author Mentor at London Book Camp. If you are registered as a Book
Camp camper, then during that one week I will be available to look at your work and
critique it. (For more information on London Book Camp, check out the Investing in
website or inquire at your local London Public Library branch.)