"The sad music awoke some warning instinct in Willow. She stared at the beautiful faerie
creatures. They glowed with feverish excitement, their jewel-like eyes aglitter with anticipation.
Something was going to happen tonight. Something bad."

Book Description
Life is returning to normal since Willow defeated the faerie prince who had ensnared Mistolear in a
deadly Game. She is refining her skills at Mage School and spending time with her new friends,
especially Brand, the knight who has sworn to protect her. Unfortunately, he also drives her mad
with his old-fashioned rules about “proper courtship.”

The peace does not last, however, as a misstep in Clarion dooms Willow to play another twisted
faerie Game. If she loses, faeries will once again be free to wreak havoc in the realms of Mistolear
Earth. The Game Master, King Jarlath of the Unseelie Court, throws Willow and Brand into the
Goblin’s Gauntlet where goblins, phookas, and a host of bloodthirsty creatures are on the hunt. In a
surprising move, Jarlath sends his own children into the Game as well. Dacia, the female twin, is
ruthless and cunning. Theon, the male, is clever, flirtatious, and, like all faeries, devastatingly
beautiful. Willow struggles to resist Theon’s charm, while Brand’s jealousy simmers – but with the
fate of two realms hanging in the balance, both must push their emotions aside. Can Willow and
Brand trust the faerie siblings, or is there more than one Game being played?