"Willow nodded, then her mouth fell open as she realized who Brand was. The white knight story.
Nana had always said, The princess looked to the white knight for protection. Brand was a
White knight in the game. Was he the white knight Nana had meant? The white knight Willow
had built her dreams around?"

Book Description
Fifteen-year-old Willow Kingswell has been listening to her Nana's tales of faeries and enchanted
kingdoms for as long as she can remember. But when she is magically transported to the realm
of Mistolear, she is stunned to learn that the stories were true, and that she is actually a
princess. Suddenly, Willow has to fit into a royal family she didn't know she had, deal with
customs she doesn't understand, and sort out her feelings for Brand, the handsome knight
who has sworn to protect her.

On top of everything, she may also be the key to saving Mistolear from a terrifying spell. The
nefarious faerie prince Nezeral has pitted two kingdoms against each other in a life-or-death
chess match, in which people are the game pieces. As a pawn, Willow now glows with the light
of the game, and must find the courage and cleverness to battle Nezeral before her loved ones
fall. Could a meager pawn really be the most powerful piece on the board?
Captured is the first book in the thrilling "Divided Realms" series.